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Electron Beam

Scanning Type
Area Beam Type
- Polymer
- Film and coatings
- Medical
- Food Disinfection
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Polymer modifications
Film and coatings
Medical Sterilization
Food Disinfection

Polymer modifications
These applications for use of electron beam equipment are still major portion of NHV Corporation markets. The major difference has been the introduction of specialized shielding that eliminates the need for a concrete enclosure. The use of these specialized self-enclosures has allowed us to introduce the in-line process to a number of electrical wires, automotive tires and the other manufacturing processes.
The major benefit to our customers is an electron beam process that is fully integrated into the customers production line. The in-line process eliminates need for additional pay-off and take-up equipment that would be required with an off-line set-up.

Film and Coating
The curing of thin films and coatings is typically done with relatively low voltage electron beam equipment. The normal operating voltage is usually between 100 keV and 300 keV. These machines are generally used in-line and include all the necessary shielding. NHV Corporation builds both scan beam system and area beam system for these applications. This allows the best suited EB system for the customers process.

Medical sterilization
NHV Corporation builds a variety of EB machines that can be used for sterilization of medical products. In general the machine for this application, are 2 MeV to 5 MeV typically.
In addition to the EB process we can also provide the machine with an X-ray target to produce better penetration for large containers.

Food Disinfection
The FDA approval of food irradiation as a pasteurization process, has had a far reaching effect on accelerator manufactures. The treatment is very similar to the sterilization process, where both electron and x-rays can be used to provide the necessary exposure. The EB equipment used in this application is again similar to the sterilization process.

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