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Electron Beam

Scanning Type
Area Beam Type
- Polymer

- Film and coatings
- Medical

- Food Disinfection
Toll Service
High Voltage
Power Supply System

High Voltage
Test Products

Toll Service
The Center offers various processing services using electron beam, including research and development for new products, processing technology,
consultations for application, demonstration of machines, and toll irradiation services.

Electron Beam Processing Technology Center
We cooperate with clients in various kinds of experiments using EB irradiation for R&D of commercialization of new products, such as improvement of characteristic of various materials, curing of paint coat and adhesives and sterilization of packaging materials.
We also offer toll irradiation services.

EB Processing Technology Center
We provide EB machines for various irradiation experiments and capable of continuous irradiation of film or web with or without coater and laminator.

For inquiry, please contact our sales offices or EB Processing Technology Center.

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