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High Voltage Power Supply System
Various high voltage power supply systems based on DC high voltage technique are used in many fields such as nuclear fusion, accelerator, electrostatic precipitator, etc.

Power supply equipment for R & D of fusion reactor
We are manufacturing many kinds of power supply equipment (up to 1MV, 100A) used for research and development of nuclear fusion such as ion source power supply, power supply system for RF heating,etc.

Klystron Power Supply System
Klystron power supply system applies to linear accelerator.

Klystron Power Supply System
230kV, 228A, 1.5s, 50pps
Pulse flatness:0.3% stability : 0.5%

Klystron Power Supply System
280kV, 308A, 24s, 10pps
Pulse flatness and stability : 0.08%

High voltage pulse generator
NHV Corporation manufactures high voltage pulse generator using a Marx generator, laser triggered gap switch, which can generate a high voltage steep pulse wave front.

High voltage pulse generator
1MV, 10s,
Rise time less than 25ns

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