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Electron Beam

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High Voltage
Test Products
High Voltage Test Products &
Precision Measuring Instruments
HAEFELY products and TETTEX instruments are used in worldwide regions and countries. Nissin represents them in Japan.
In our company, after-sale service, such as merchandising of these units and a directive at the time of an installation and assembly, is carried out.

Impulse Voltage Test System
This test system is used for withstanding test and F.O.test of cables and various electrical products. Digital impulse Analysing System and other useful measuring instruments are also provided.

S series
100kV, 5kJ-1,200kV, 60kJ
V series
1,200kV, 90kJ-10,000kV, 500kJ
Impulse Voltage Test System
Unit rating : 1200kV,60kJ

Impulse Voltage Test System
Unit rating : 4000kV,400kJ

AC Voltage Test System
This test system is used for routine test and type test of cables and others. RTS type and Conventional type (with gas insulated output) are available according to test purposes.

Cylinder type
100kV, 0.1A-800kV, 2.75A
RTS type
300kV, 4A-1, 800kV, 40A
AC Voltage Test System
Unit rating:350kV,1A

AC Voltage Test System
Unit rating:600kV,60A

Partial Discharge Measuring System
This measuring system meets IEC, VDE, ANSI and other standard specifications. Tettex Instruments also supplies Capacitance and tanmeasuring bridges and other precision electrical measuring instruments.

Analog type Digital type
Partial Discharge Measuring System Partial Discharge measuring system
Note:Heafely and Tettex are Trademarks of TRENCH SWITZERLAND AG.

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